Monday, April 30, 2007

Going For A Holiday in Genting Highlands

Today and tomorrow is a public holidays (Labour and Wesak Day). My family and my wife’s family members is going to Genting Highland for a holiday The last time I went there was about 2 and a half years ago. Genting Highlands is the most developed hill resort in Malaysia. At 2,000 meters above sea level, it offers a cool respite from Malaysia's capital city combined with all of the excitement, luxury, and entertainment of an international resort destination. The resort also includes two theme parks (kids will surely like this), both with dozens of amusement rides and attractions suitable for the entire family. Just 3 days ago, Olivia Newton John performed a spectacular show at Genting Arena jam packed with 4,000 of her fans. When I come back, I will show you some pictures of it. Happy holidays to all of my readers. By the way, you may click on the top photo to enlarge it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Went to Orphanage Home

I and my wife went to Tengku Budriah cheras orphanage home yesterday and it was organized by her employer which is Maybank. I saw many kids and some as young as few months old abandoned by their parents and it was pity and sad to see such things happened. There were about 30 – 40 Maybank staff to help out in playing tele-match with the children and also help to carry the younger one to walk around the center. The younger one just needs more of our attention and our love! In order to entertain those children, we invited my friend who is a professional clown a.k.a uncle button to perform a clown show there. We could see those children were very happy and at the end of the performance they were given balloon animals. By the age of 18, they will be independent and will leave the center to look for job. We are blessed to have parents who care for us and whenever we want them they will be at our side. Don’t take things for granted, appreciate our parents when they are still alive and not when they are no longer with us. This coming mother’s day, have you decided to spend time with her or carry on with your routine job? Without them we would not be here. Think about it.

More photos:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This Month Issue In Nikkei Electronics Asia

Just got this copy not long ago. Surprisingly this month issue have another thicker guide compiled by MAXIM semiconductor manufacturers about new ic designed for video,a/v receivers,HDTV, LCD and many more. Usually it comes only with few pages. The section i liked most was the products highlights and files. Any new chipset,design and tester would be cover in these section. By the way, this magazine is free and deliver straight to your house or company. If you need more information please visit nikkei website now!

Acid Alkaline Balance In Our Body

Just completed reading this book" Reverse Aging-not science fiction, but a science facts! by Sang Whang" which talk about drinking alkaline water. It mentioned that a usually sick person is very acidic in his body thus need alkaline water to flush out the excessive acid from the body. It also mentioned that doctors in Japan discovered if a person sick not caused by virus or bacteria then most probably was due to too much acid in the body. It clearly explained how by drinking alkaline water that high in excess oxygen can prevent the development of cancer. It’s a good read and I need to find out more about alkaline water information. As for me, I drink distilled water produced from a distiller. I drink distilled water after reading the book by Paul C Bragg “The Shocking Truth about Water” many years ago. It really helps and especially mixed in with apple cider vinegar to maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance. One must always take good care of their health and remember to exercise and don’t over indulge in the things you love. Without good health many things or visions can’t be accomplished in our life. How long have you didn’t exercise?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bought Tools For Technical Department

I went to Jalan Pasar KL (pasar road jalan pudu) today to buy some electronic stuff. This place is well famous for selling electronic and electrical things. Most of KL electronic repairers go to this place to look and search for electronic spare parts. I would usually go there at least one in 2 months to buy and check if there are any new arrivals of technical books, monitor spare parts and etc. I found a data book by NTE USA but I didn’t buy it because it has many similarities with the ECG Philips semiconductor replacement guide.

I went to most of the electronic shops there and some I just do window shopping while others I bought some tools for my technical department. If you are new in electronic repair and local and wish to know where you can get those electronic spare parts, why not just drop by and have a look.

Photo Of Jalan Pasar

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Merchung Fishing Trip Photos

Just before I and my friends go for the fishing trip, we received a call from the Merchung boatman saying that the sea was quite rough and it is not recommended to go out for fishing. Due to this situation, we hold a meeting and all agreed that the trip have to be “on” because the whole purpose for the fishing trip was not about catching fish but more for togetherness and enjoy the seafood. We proceeded our journey and by 7.30pm we reached Kuala Rompin and had our dinner there. The weather looks good on that day but no one knows about tomorrow’s weather. After dinner we went to buy some fruits and foods at the nearby mini market before heading to Merchung. As usual when we are in the chalets everyone would be busy preparing their fishing gear and talks about jokes, families, and many other topics. This is the time of real fellowship!

We went to sleep about 11.30pm and woke up at 6.30am for breakfast. The weather doesn’t look good but improving. After breakfast, we waited for another 2 hours just to see if the weather improves or not. At about 9.00am the sky was bright and clear and we sent a boat to observe the situation. We got a called from the first boat saying that the sea condition was a little bit choppy and still tolerable and he added if you wish to come you may do so. We made a decision to go out and if the sea is bad we will come back and just fish at the riverbank. I was in the second boat and we cruise along the river for about 15 minutes before we could reach the wide open sea.

True enough the sea condition was still not improving and we decided to fish at the riverbank. I could see some of my fishing buddies were quite disappointed-me too but we can always make a trip back here anytime. There is always a better tomorrow. No point to force ourselves and we heard from the boatman said that there was once a boat capsized not long ago due to big wave. This time around the climate was very unusual; by right the sea should be calm at this season. Some boatman said it was the effect of the tsunami happened in the Solomon island recently. How true was it, I’m not so sure. There could be other causes too such as global warming and etc.

There is no fun fishing at the riverbank and after 1 hour we went back to our chalets waiting for the fist boat. While waiting, we do some casting at the jetty and caught some small fishes. We chatted again at the jetty, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and heard birds chirping. This kind of condition you can’t find it in KL and it was so relaxing and the mind really refreshed!

Finally the first boat arrived and after shower, we packed our things and went to nearby fishing village to search for fish to buy. We managed to buy three lobsters for dinner and 3 of my friends bought a 8kg ebek fish (trevally family). They want to bring it home and show it to their wives. We told them please don’t buy salmon and cod fish (it’ an imported fish and can’t be found in Malaysia water) and show it to their wives-we all laughed.

Dinner served at about 6.45pm, had some chat again and then we went back home about 7.30pm. It was a little bit tiring but very refreshing. I’m looking forward for more trips like this but of course with good weather. Check out the rest of the photos below:

Photo1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4,

Oh! by the way will continue to post electronic repair articles starting tomorrow.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Away For A Fishing Trip In Merchung

Tomorrow I will be going for a fishing trip with my fishing buddies. Every year in the month of April just after the monsoon season I will surely join my fishing friends to Merchung Pahang. This is the right time to catch those big one. Click the map to enlarge it and you could clearly see where Merchung is. The journey will take about 4 hours and we will reach Rompin first for a dinner before checking in into the Merchung chalets. We will start fishing from 7.30 am to late afternoon and after dinner we will be heading back to KL. It’s been a long time since my last fishing trip was at Kelong pulau sibu Johor on November 2006. Fishing will make me temporarily don’t think about my busy daily schedule and will help me to discharge all my pressure. So there will be no posting on electronic repair articles for couples of days because I’ll still need some time to recuperate once I get back. I will show you some interesting photos in the next post. Have a good weekend rest ahead!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Smart Tweezer Autoranging LCR Meter

Today, while surfing the net in an electronic site, I saw a banner about a special meter called smart tweezer. It looks very handy and is designed to check and test SMD electronic components such as resistor, capacitor and inductor. It’s an autoranging LCR meter with integrated gold plated probe. In my opinion, this meter is good for those who want to check all the tiny SMD components in the LCD Monitor/TV, mobile phone repairing and etc. I’m sure I will get one soon. If you want more information you can visit the smart tweezer website now.

Turning Fishing Tackle Box Into LCD Repair Tool Box

Two days ago I went to a fishing tackle shop to assist my friend in buying fishing equipment. He is new in this sports fishing and I have to recommend some basic fishing gear, hook, rod and line for him. I will be going for a fishing trip next week. While browsing through the items displayed on the rack I stumbled across a small fishing tackle box. I thought to myself, this box looks great by placing all the LCD Monitor repair tools in it. It’s neat and convenience too! The price tag was only RM17.00 which is quite cheap. I bought it and very happy about the internal compartment which you can adjust to suit the things you want to put in. May be later I will also put in the smart tweezer LCD meter (read the above post).

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Making Money Online

I used to be giving public seminars and private talks about making money online (you can check this website), but because there was some changes in the internet search engine plus my heavy schedule in providing electronic repair information and teaching, I have to temporarily stop the talks. The good things about internet business are that the business runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! I don’t need to hire workers and what I did was to actively market the products from my home computer. Somehow last month internet business earning was quite good and you can see it by clicking here. This earning is just from only one account and I have two more active accounts.

The reason I tell you this is that everyone can excel in whatever they do if they put in their energy and time on it. If you like electronic repair then go for it, put full concentration on it and start building your foundation. Once you have gained and know well about electronic repair, you can then diversify into some other business if you wish to. Besides getting income from my teaching and monitor repair business, making money online part time is an additional income to me. I love internet business very much just the same as in electronic repair.

Whatever fields you intend or wants to do involved action. Without action nothing happen. “Whatever a man sows, he will reap”. I love this quote by Dawson Trotman
“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started”. Think about the quote again, if you have a dream or vision and haven’t fulfilled yet, why not start today?

As for the young guy who wanted to attend all my courses, his father calld me up yesterday saying his son was selected into National Service Training (NS) for 3 months. After the training then only his son will come. This is also a good time for me to quickly prepare the LCD Monitor repair course note for the big corporation i mentioned in the last post. They wanted me to start on June. Hope i could finish it by that time.
One more thing, if you try to reach me and got some error after filling up the contact us form please email me at jestineyong(at) Once in a while i do received questions from readers and my reply keep on bounced back by their provider. I even use my yahoo email address trying to reply them but failed too. If you are one of them that don't get my reply, may be you can use another email address to reach me by contacting the email address above. Thank you.
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