Friday, June 01, 2007

Advanced Monitor Troubleshooting Course

Today was my second day conducting the advanced monitor troubleshooting and repair course. There was only one student attending this course, by right it should be three but because the other twos (they are partners in a computer firm) got a call from a big corporate asking them to deliver new computers by this week thus i have to make another date for them to attend. As for this student, he is currently working
with Nintendo company as a senior tech. His job is to repair the amusement machnie (gaming TV or Monitors). He already took my basic monitor repair course about 2 years ago and now decided to take the advanced monitor repair. The way i saw him doing the practical work i knew that he had learned so much within the 2 years repairing the gaming TV and the main board. He is such a humble guy and willing to take the extra miles in order to achieve his dream as a professional electronic repairer.

I could see that he was very happy when i reveals all of my secrets repair tips that can really cut short his troubleshooting and repair time. May be one day i should interview him how was it like working in the amusement machine industry. What say you?


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