Sunday, April 29, 2007

Went to Orphanage Home

I and my wife went to Tengku Budriah cheras orphanage home yesterday and it was organized by her employer which is Maybank. I saw many kids and some as young as few months old abandoned by their parents and it was pity and sad to see such things happened. There were about 30 – 40 Maybank staff to help out in playing tele-match with the children and also help to carry the younger one to walk around the center. The younger one just needs more of our attention and our love! In order to entertain those children, we invited my friend who is a professional clown a.k.a uncle button to perform a clown show there. We could see those children were very happy and at the end of the performance they were given balloon animals. By the age of 18, they will be independent and will leave the center to look for job. We are blessed to have parents who care for us and whenever we want them they will be at our side. Don’t take things for granted, appreciate our parents when they are still alive and not when they are no longer with us. This coming mother’s day, have you decided to spend time with her or carry on with your routine job? Without them we would not be here. Think about it.

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Blogger StarBaseONE2 said...

I guess it is human nature to not realize the luck of your own situation. I was raised in a loving home and my wife and I strive to maintain one for our two kids (ages 17 and 14).

My mother passed away almost 6 years ago now... but she will still be remembered, the wife's mom will surely get a telephone call too.

I hope your family's holiday is great!

2:52 PM  
Blogger Jestine Yong said...

Yes, as mentioned in my blog, treat your loved one good when they are still alive and not when they are no longer with us.

By the way, school holiday is starting and i'm bringing my family soon to Muar to visit the my kids grandparents!

Have a good day!

10:53 PM  

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