Thursday, May 03, 2007

It Was A Wonderful Trip

The holiday at Genting highland was great and the condition was so cold especially at night. We had our steamboat dinner and everyone in the family enjoyed the food so much and we brought our family members to the Theme park and watched fireworks (celebrating Labour day) and the kids were very happy to see such bright colorful sky caused by the fireworks. We even went into the man made snow room (with minus 6 Celsius) and start throwing the ice to each others. All of us really had a great fun in Genting highland.

What amazed me about this resort is the founder when at the age of 50 (he had a vision), he sold off his tin mining business in the 60’s and use the money to build a resort on a mountain which is 2000 meters above the sea level. Many of his friends said he was insane to make such decision. Nothing can stop his dream from coming to reality. He had the determination and courage and the vision that is far ahead of his time. At present, this resort and its subsidiary making net profits billions of dollars every year! He is still alive and just celebrated his 90th birthday with his family and the business is now run by his son. Do you have a vision? If yes would you like to turn your vision into reality? Then start take action NOW because this famous quote by Albert Einstein said “Noting Happen Until Something Move”.



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