Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Technical Department Need This...............

Yesterday there was a salesperson walked into my office trying to sell something to me. You could see those salesman were very aggressive pushing their products at coffeeshops, streets and from door to door. The products that they were usually sell was books for kids (educational products), electrical gadgets, household items and many more. Okay come back to this salesperson, the moment this salesperson show me the product i immediately thought of technical department. It was a small, white and powerful LED torch and the neck can be turn 360 degree. Because of this product small in size, have the flexibility and cheap, i immediately bought it. It comes with a free radio with earphone and three extra batteries!

I knew that my technical department already have a torch light but somehow i liked this design and it really suit when it comes to the point you want to see the part numbers of components located under the belly of CRT picture tube. You can push the neck of the LED torch light deep into the covered area. Guess how much is this led torch light? It was only RM10.00 (about USD2+)


Blogger StarBaseONE2 said...

That does indeed look like it would be handy in the shop! I presently use a led pen light, but the design you are showing would be much more versatile!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Jestine Yong said...

Yes, from that moment i bought the led light, i had stopped using the conventional torch light.

10:46 PM  

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