Sunday, June 10, 2007

Came Back From MUAR

It was a very good holiday at my in law’s house in Muar. I slept a lot as though that my body has been very long time didn’t relax! It really rejuvenates my body and mind and I could think of lots of electronic repair ideas too. Not only that, I went to lots of hawker stalls to try the local foods there as the price was much much cheaper than KL. I also went to one of the famous electronic shop in the center of town to buy some ultra fast recovery diodes as the price was also much cheaper than KL. No wonder lots of Singaporean like to visit Muar when there’s a holiday because their money currency rate is about 2.3 to 1 Malaysian Ringgit. That’s mean for every 1 MR equal to 0.43 Singapore dollar. Besides, it only took them 2 hours drive from Singapore to Muar.

My free time mostly spend with the kids and I like to bring them to “Tanjung” because there have lots of playgrounds for children, good scenery (besides Muar river), fresh air and a nice pedestrian walkway by the Muar river too. Opposite the river, I could see SG Thompson semiconductor and one of my former college mate works there as an engineer.
I went to a local bookstore too and stumbled upon the magazine “Electronics For You” and I bought it and finished reading it in the middle of the night.

While in Muar, I received a call from my company saying that Malaysia Airport Technologies has confirmed sending their staff for training. It was really good news to me as I’m looking forward for their confirmation since on April. Well, the course will be starting on 18th of June and will be end on August. By the way don’t miss out on all the photos that I have taken during when I’m in Muar. This coming Friday, I’ll be leaving for Merchung again for sea fishing, hope this time there will be no more big wave! School starts tomorrow and as usual, got to wake up early to fetch my kids and wife before going to work. Oh yes, my new website is almost complete and will be launching soon. Just wait for my mail for those who have subscribed.

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Photo1- High antenna
Photo2- SG Thompson
Photo3- Electronic shop
Photo4- Buying electronic components
Photo5- Hawker stall
Photo6- Sate
Photo7- Otak
Photo8- Less cars
Photo9- Pre war buildings
Photo10- Kids have fun
Photo11- Playing football
Photo12- Akad bersanding
Photo13- Akad bersanding1
Photo14- Relax


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