Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Taking A Break

Tomorrow i and my family will be going to my in law's house in Muar Johor for a holiday. This week is the second week of school holiday so i better bring my kids to visit their grandparents before the school starts next week. I will be there for about 4 days and the article that i suppose to send to you every week will also be delayed. I'm planning to bring my family to watch SHREK 3 at the local cinema there and enjoy some nice food at the hawker stalls and many singaporeans love to visit Muar too. Its a small town and not busy like KL. Will post some nice photos when i come back.

Last week my family members celebrated my birthday and it was fun and joy. If you look back, you could see that time never and will never wait for you- it just passes so fast.

I completed the advanced monitor repair course last saturday and my student can't wait to go back to his technical workshop to start practising the repair tips that i taught him. He told me that he got a lot of Monitor problems that can be solve by using the methods i shared to him. He is the kind of person who never give up.

Today while working, my car mechanic sent me a Toyota automobile mainboard for repair. I told him i could not test the board as it need some special ways to check it. The most i could do was to check all the components except the big cpu and some customize IC's. After spending quite sometimes, i concluded that the components surrounding the IC's was good. He came and brought the board back and retest again. Later when i met him, i asked about the board. He told me that he actually found a connector loosen out under the dashboard and the board was working fine now. This story reminds me of a repair friend who repair the Mercedes Benz power windows circuit board many years ago. He told me that he used Huntron tracker to troubleshoot the fault and manage to charge high prices on such repairs. If you would like to diversify your repair business, automobile circuit board repair could be lucrative to you too.


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