Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More and More LCD Monitor Sent For Repair

Recently my company is getting more and more LCD Monitor sent for repair. Currently most of the brand was from DELL and the range was from 15 to 17 inches. I do receive Samsung LCD Monitor for repair but many of them were the main board problem. The symptoms was OSD showing the message of “Not optimum mode, Recommended Mode: 1024 X 768 60hz” and once the input jack plugged into system, the monitor shutdown. Replacing the main board solved the problem. I have to find time to do some research on this common fault and hope to get the answer soon.

I was really excited because two days ago, there was a large corporate company interested in my Monitor repair course (CRT and LCD Monitor). They told me that they are going to send lots of technicians for me to train them. The requirement was that I have to go to their company and conduct the courses and the place was about one and a half hours journey to there. I have no problem with that since they are sending so many of their techs. I was asked also to prepare the outline for the CRT and LCD Monitor repair courses. By the way the LCD Monitor repair course will only starts on august and it is a 3 days duration course.
At the same time, I’m also preparing quotation for the Malaysia Airport Technology about the courses. Last year they sent about 17 of their staff and I was informed also that they will even send more this year-wow! Hope everything will goes well and the courses will start as soon as possible.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Writing Good Electronic Repair Articles For My Readers

Writing electronic repair articles for my readers needs lot of patience. First I have to find a good and interesting topic to write and then I have to use my digital camera to take the necessary shot. When I got back home and after everything is done I would upload to my website for you to enjoy. Usually the topics that I choose are for newbie’s and advance electronic repairers. I have to cover some basic information because I do have new comers who interested in electronic repair visit my website. If there is too much basic stuff then the advance electronic repairers would not find my website interesting. Guess I have to balance up 50/50 to cater to all levels.

For the past few days I’ve been having cough, sore throat, sneezing and headache and I should be fully recover in few more days. Besides electronic repairing, fishing and internet marketing, I also have a passion in natural healing. I would use natural method for the body to cure itself and I don’t take medicine! Drinking spirulina, fruit juice, apple cider vinegar and take garlic pills will usually clear up my symptoms in less than 7 days. I have a reader who suggest to me to take chicken soup and drink lots of water- thanks for your concern. One has to take good care of their body and make sure you have enough sleep. Since I do not have much time to jog I would jump on trampoline and it is a real good exercise for your heart and other body organs as well.

By the way, thanks a lot for those who sent me emails to compliment about my website and my work. May God bless you all and have a great weekend rest ahead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Providing Training For A School Leaver

Last year around october i conducted the full courses for a school leaver sent by his family. He is now working in an audio and video repair shop and i'm glad that he is independent and without having to depends on his family for support. He told his friend (a school leaver-after SPM) that he took up all the electronic repair courses from me. Today, this young man (about 18 years old) came to my office with his father and enquired about the courses. I explained to them in details about the courses and to my surprised he is willing to take up all my courses. The courses duration is about a month (basic electronic, basic and advanced monitor repair) plus i put him into my technical department for real hands on training to repair customers monitors.

He will not confirm the class until next week because he is waiting whether he will be selected to join the Nasional Service Training(NS). If not selected then the course can be start on next tuesday. He told me that he would not want to further his study in college and want to learn something that he passion for which is electronics (practical). Today, my partner just completed a printer repair course for a lady participant from Felda prodata. She had taken the advanced monitor repair course few years ago and now she is working in the printer repair department and taking up the course would expand her printer repair knowledge. By the way i won't do any posting tomorrow because i was invited by my friend to his house for a gathering.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nikkei Electronics Asia

I just got this latest nikkei electronics asia magazine delivered to my office. For those of you who had read my old post you would know that i subscribed to this magazine and it is free! The content of this magazine talks about latest designed in electronic components, what's happen in the current market about electronics, new electronics product launched, where it held for electronic exhibition, Linear technology design notes, and many more. You can try to subscribe one at

A Refresh Course For My Former Student

He had took all the courses that i offered last year and because of he was very busy doing his computer business, he had no time for practical at his work place. He had forgotten some troubleshooting procedure and requested from me to give him a refresh course. I agreed with him since he was my former student and i did not charge him. He truly shown his passion for electronic repair because he purposely drove 200km from Melaka just to attend the one day refresh course. I explained to him again some of the important troubleshooting steps in repairing monitors and he managed to recalled and he capable repaired few of his monitors took from his company in Melaka. He was very happy and told me that he have to find time to practice otherwise he may forget again. If you are new in this electronic repair line, i strongly recommend you to practice building some electronic project kits, read electronic repair books, visit forum and also don't forget to visit my electronic repair site where i would post repair tips almost everyday except sunday and when i'm on holiday.

By the way, my computer recently run very slow and i could not open up my website building software and if you noticed that i didn't post new electronic repair tips for couples of days, may be the hard disk going to kaput because the hardisk can't run the defragment program. I have only two choices, either get a new harddisk or buy a computer with the latest spec with windows vista software.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bought Troubleshooting Electronic Books

As usual, when we are in any shopping center, i would go straight to bookstore to look up for any new magazines and electronic repairing books while my wife would bring the kids to the children section. I found the bookstore located at the top floor and the name of the bookstore was Kinokuniya bookstore. It's big and the engineering section have more technical books than other major bookstore in KL. After browsing through the book racks, i found two books which are very suitable for beginner and intermediate electronic repairer. The title of the books are Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment by RS Khandpur and Modern Laser Printer Introduction & Troubleshooting. I bought both books and the contents for Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment book are:
Reliability Aspects of Electronic Equipment
Fundamental Troubleshooting Procedures
Tools and Aids for servicing and maintenance
Soldering techniques
Mechanical and Electro-mechanical components
Passive components and their testing
Testing of semiconductor devices
Linear integrated circuits
Troubleshooting digital circuits
Troubleshooting microprocessor-based systems
Rework and repair of surface mount assemblies
Typical examples of troubleshooting
Preventive maintenance and
Maintenance management
While for the Laser Printer book the contents are:

Detailed toner refilling/recharging procedure
Page Description Lnaguages (Pcl & Postscript)
Laser printer parts diagram (Exploded view)
Detailed laser printer troubleshooting
HP laserjet fuser removal/test procedure
Complete working of laser printer
HP laser jet error/service codes
Common faults from workshop
Dot matrix & inkjet printers
Serial/parallel interface
Hp 6L Pro laser printer
Circuit diagram
And Much More...
As mentioned above both books are very suitable for beginner and intermediate repairer and not recommended for the advanced repairer and the Laser printer book was the last copy when i bought it. The reason i bought both books is that i love to read technical books especailly dealing with electronic repair. Even the books are for beginner and intermediate, i do still found some interesting repair techniques and tips that haven't know about. Remember the quote by Benjamin Franklin that i mentioned in the electronic repair course article?
"If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest". Wow! what a powerful quote by him!

While browsing through the magazine section i noticed there was a new electronic magazine. The magazine name was Electronics For You, it's from india and quite cheap about rm12.00 (about US3.4) per copy. It has a free cd included in the magazine. The contents of the magazine talks about microcontrollers, meters, internet, software (c++), test and measurement, circuit design (ideas) and many more. You can get more information by logging on to their website . I bought the magazine and looking forward for next issue. All the best to all of you. Take care.

Petronas Twin Tower- KLCC

School holiday starts today and i'd had planned for quite sometime to bring my family to visit KLCC. The last time i went was about 5 years ago and this building is the tallest twin tower in the world! Early in the morning after breakfast, i brought my family to take the Komuter train and then Putra LRT to KLCC. I could drive there but me and my wife felt that the kids should be expose to the experience of taking a train and LRT. The kids really enjoyed when they are on the train. They asked so much of questions and grinning all the time. The journey took about 35 minutes to reach KLCC.

Once we are there, we took photos of the towers and my wife began shopping . About the interviewed with a TV repairer article that had i posted on my website, it took me approximately about 6 hours to complete. This included the interview, photos, article written and posting to my electronic repair website. I was really exhausted and sleep quite late but the KLCC trip had refreshed me. By the way i had confirmed with my friend for a fishing trip in early april. Looking forward for that trip to relax myself.

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