Saturday, October 28, 2006

Advanced Monitor and Refurbish Flyback Course

Next week I will be conducting 3 courses for Malaysia Airport Technologies staff and a guy from Bintulu Sarawak. The basic monitor course is for the MAT staff while the advanced monitor and flyback refurbishing course is for the student from sarawak. From previous post i did mentioned that the guy from sarawak shown passion in electronic repair. Now he wants to complete the whole courses in noahtech. I guess he is ready to accept any challenge in monitor repair after completing both courses. As for the 19 years old guy who had taken all my courses and now under training in noahtech went for an interview yesterday to apply for the post of junior tech. Guess what? He got the job and his task is to repair TV, audio equipments and also computers problem. I'm really proud of him. I told him to learn and get as much experience as possible and who knows one day he could become a professional electronic repairer and have his own shop. May be by that time he is already repairing plasma and LCD TV!
Last two weeks i went for a fishing trip in merchung again and this time the results were quite good. After the courses next week i will be going fishing again but this time will be in Kelong Mersing Johor. It is a yearly trip-if you search for my previous post i believe you could find the photos that I've taken at Kelong (I think somewhere in early November 2005). Let me tell you my friends-besides electronic repair and doing internet business my other greatest passion is Fishing! Fishing made me temporarily forget about the jobs pressure and it is a great time to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body and the greatest of all is the time of fellowship with friends and makanship-so let's go fishing!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Latest Semiconductor Data Book

Most of the technicians and engineers know that semiconductor databook play a very important role in helping them to troubleshoot electronic problems faster. Though we have internet to search for data but not all we can find from the search engine and it is not possible to eveytime to log into internet to look for any part numbers. The semiconductor book is handy and can be reachable within seconds. Philips ECG semiconductor master replacement guide had stopped its new issue. The last ecg book was dated back to 1998 and so far i knew the latest for NTE guide was 2003 edition. We as a tech must upgrade the technical info so that we could solve electronic problems faster. If you click on the picture and enlarge it you could see all the specifications of a components from volts, ampere, watts, frequency, ohms to recommended substitution. For every new edition published i will surely buy them no matter the price it because data book can pay itself back within the shortest time. If you don't have one, make sure you get it from your local electronic distributors.

Bought Kyoritsu Insulation Tester

From the last few post i did mentioned to you that i'm going to buy insulation tester. Here it is now (see photos) the kyoritsu insulation tester. There's many types and ranges of insulation tester but somehow i still preferred the above model which can produce DC output of 250v, 500v and 1000v. Why a repairman need an insulation tester? For your information i bought just to specially check the high voltage capacitor. For example a 102 2kv cap can't be check with our normal analog meter because the maximum output from this meter only could reach 12 + volt dc.

It is a wrong way to use analog meter to confirm whether a high voltage capacitor is working or not. These high voltage caps usually will breakdown when under operating voltage. Checking the capacitance alone won't really let you know how well is the internal insulation is. Thus we have to use an insulation tester to test. The meter will pump in the high voltage dc to test the internal insulation, if there's a short the needle will move upward and stay there. In fact i have collected quite a number of high voltage capacitor that test good using capacitance and analog meter but failed using the insulation meter.

LCD monitor inverter board are using high voltage caps ranging up to 3 kv and usually about 27 pico farad. These caps can breakdown when under loads. Using the insulation tester to test these caps is a sure way to confirm whether the caps are working or not. It really save my time and if the caps test ok then i will move on to check other components-no guessing game. Hope in future will buy more good equipments to speed up the electronic repair.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finally The Young Student Decided To Attend My Course

Last week I've done two workshop for straight six days. Only two students-one from bintulu sarawak while the other from rawang. The student from sarawak actually holds a bachelor degree in electrical and electronic from Nottingham Trent University-UK and currently working as a project engineer for a local engineering firm. He told me that he wants to learn electronic repair is to equip himself to be better in repair and also can help up his brother doing part time in TV servicing. The passion that he had shown really impressed me because he took a week leave, left behind his loved one in sarawak just to come here to learn electronic repair-Wow!. For your information-the flight from Sarawak to KL is about 2 hours. He stayed in his friends house in PJ and every morning he took Komuter(train) and LRT to reach nearby our place then my partner will pick him up to our office. May God bless his career and his family abundantly.
As for the other student, he had decided to take up my whole course which included the advanced monitor troubleshooting and repair. After the course, i will station him in the technical department to repair customers monitor with the guidance from me and my supervisor. Today, i met a TV repair friend and he said he wants to look for a junior tech. I told him about my student (also looking for a job after my course) and he is very interested to hire him. Most probably my student can start work at 1st of November. This whole month i got to train him (only 19 years old) well to prepare for the new job. Below are the photos taken during the courses last week:
Photo1-Students answering electronics questions
Photo2-Reading Monitor Schematic Diagram
Photo3-Giving out certificate
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