Friday, March 31, 2006

What If You Can't Find The Transistor Data From The Internet

There will be never ending production of monitor in the market. There's so many models and types of monitor and we as a monitor repairer sometimes finds it quite hard to follow the changes. Today I will be mentioning about the horizontal output transistor(HOT)used in monitor high voltage circuit. Quite often I came across new type of monitor that after 1 to 2 years in service the HOT became shorted and impossible to buy the exact number from local electronic supplier because the part number is still new and it might take another year to few years before it reach the market. From previous articles I do said that you have to find a replacement if you can't find the original number and the data you can get it from the internet. The question is what if the net do not have the part number that you are searching for? Then there is no way to know the original part number specification and you could not locate the right transistor choice for replacement. One good thing about testing is I found two Horizontal output transistor number that is good for replacement on many type of monitor model regardless how long the monitor have been manufactures. The part number is C5047 and C5411, both have higher amp, volt and watts and of course the other specicfication of the transistor tolerance is a little bit broad compare to other part numbers. J6810 and j6811 HOT have no problem substitute with c5411. If c5411 runs hot I will put in the c5047. This of course depends on the size of the monitor. C5047 is for 17" and above while the c5411 is for 14", 15" and 17". Remember to check the circuitry nearby for any defective components before installing this replacement transistor if not even an original part number installed will blow in less than 5 seconds or hours later.
As for the response from the newspaper about my internet workshop course, there were 26 callers so far and 2 have confirmed their seats, 4 have signed up and yet to pay while the rest my partner Mr David will do the follow up and hope to get them to sign up soon. Most callers asked what it is all about and we channeled them to our website for more information. They need time to think about it while backend I and my other partners is spreading the news to their friends and their contacts.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Advertisement On Internet Business

Tomorrow my internet business workshop advertisement will appear in one of the major newspaper and hope the response will be good. You may check out more information about this internet business workshop at If you observe the picture carefully in the website, i'm sitting at the last row in the workshop. That was in the year November 2003. I've been sharing about my success in internet business in this blog but haven't show you the income that i've made from this business. Below is the screenshot:
Internet-income: This is my January earning from google adsense (check send to my house every month)
Internet-income1: This is my March earning from clickbank (check send to my house twice a month). The screenshot is only from one of my three accounts.
The above screenshots that i've shown you is not to brag about myself but to proof to you that earning income from internet is possible furthermore i'm from Malaysia and if i could do it so do you. If you can't attend my workshop and wish to do it yourself at home in your country i strongly recommend these ebooks to start with:

Googlecash- This ebook contains the basic information (step-to step) on how you can start your own internet business at the comfort of your home.

Google Adwords 123- This ebook is a little bit advance and i've learned good tips from it.

Google Money Pro- This ebook is for advance learner and the screenshot of his earning shown in his website can make your jaw drop. My income is nothing compare to this guy earnings but i'm looking forward to reach that target. Check this out.

Internet business needs lot of hard work and you need to sacrifice a lot of your time at the beginning and if your internet business is moving steadily then you can take time to relax. Remember, you reap what you sow!
Though electronic repairing and conducting electronic courses can made me some nice income, internet business is something extra and the good news is i can do it at the comfort of my home or while on vacation. If you have questions about internet business i'm glad to help you out-just email me at

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Electronic Repair Books

Just came back from shopping with my family at a local shopping complex. Usually when I'm in the shopping complex i will head to the bookstore first while my wife and kids will be in the children's department. From the past few years i've observed that the book section for electronics is getting smaller and smaller while the computer section overflow with computer books. It's quite hard to find electronic troubleshooting books nowadays and most of the electronic books are more focusing on design and theory. Today i only managed to see an electronic troubleshooting book by homer l davidson. I believe in few more months this book will be gone and will never replace by any more books carry the title of troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipments. Most of my books i ordered through amazon and i like to read the troubleshooting books by TABs McGrawHill series. The last series was in around year 1999 to 2000. Even till now there's no more new troubleshooting books series from this publisher. From time to time i do scan thru the amazon bookstore to look for any new books and felt a little bit disappointed when there's no new books in electronic troubleshooting and repairing. I wonder if there's any authors writing the books on troubleshooting plasma tv, lcd monitor and etc. If you have seen one of those books kindly email me and i will appreciate you for letting me know.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Hp Laserjet 4 Plus Power Problem

This old laser jet came in with no power symptom. It is relatively easy to repair the power module of this hp laserjet 4 plus model because most of the time is the electrolytic capacitors that have leaked which cause no power. The electrolyte that leaked caused surrounding components to become defective. Other models of this series of hp laserjet also having the same problem which is electrolytic capacitor leaked! The primary section power ic is very robust and seldom breakdown. The first thing that you need to do is to remove all electrolytic capacitor that leaked and clean the area with thinner solution. The smell generated by the electrolyte is really smelly and you need to clean the affected area fast. Then you can begin to check the surrounding components. In my case, i've found two 100 microfarad 25 volt capacitor has leaked, one C1815 transistor shorted between the collector and emitter leg and a 100 ohm resistor turned into high ohms. Other area looks clean and found no electrolytic capacitor to be defective with my esr meter. All the defective components that i mentioned above is located at the secondary power side.

I would like to mention here is that sometimes a leaked capacitor can measure good with an esr meter. Why? Because the electrolyte that came out from the capacitor haven't reach till the critical level yet that's why it still check ok with any of your esr meter. You have to take note on this. Anyway if you see any leaked capacitor just direct replace it regardless whether it check ok or not using your esr meter! Some equipment still function properly even the capacitor is already start leaking. If you didn't replace it somehow one day when the level of the electrolyte drop to below the average level your equipment might show intermittent problem or totally not working at all. The worst part is the electrolyte might affect the surrounding components and cause the part number could not be seen. If this happen the chances for us to successfully repair the equipment is very slim.
The above two capacitors that have leaked have a temperature rating of 105 C. If you observe the monitor mainboard generally they are using the 85C because the ventilation in monitor is better than laserjet. The laserjet power module is totally sealed with screws and it became hot and i believe the hot environment cause the electrolytic capacitor to leak after such a long time.
Troubleshooting the laserjet power supply is not much different compare to monitor. When your basic electronics knowledge is strong generally you can repair most of the electronic problems.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Blog Template

It's been six months since i start bloging about electronic repair and it's the time to change the layout or template to have some 'freshness' when you log on to my blog. If you want to try out on blogging i suggest you visit to get a free account. It is vey easy to setup and there is a blogger group who can help you if you face any problem. You can blog on any subject of your interest. If you have decided to write a blog about your journey on electronic repairing kindly drop an email to me so that i can visit your blog and we can share some electronic repair tips with each other and also can benefit the readers. Hope you like this new layout!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Display Vertical Jump In Philip 17" 107E51

Usually the first thing that you do when you see any vertical jump in display would be vertical section. In this monitor, it is using the TDA8172 ic as vertical driver. Looking for any dry joint, burnt resistor or even a budge capacitor is very common as a first step to find out the culprit. But in this case the monitor looks new and the vertical section components are all intact and clean. The first thought that came to my mind was to check the electrolytic capacitors surrounding the vertical for any high esr reading. Well, the caps were all ok! From my previous experienced, i knew that the metallised polyester capacitor can develop intermittent problem or increase in ESR. So i check for any of this capacitor nearby this vertical ic. Yes, tracing from pin 5 of TDA8172 found one of this capacitor with the value of 334 100v which mean .33 microfarad 100 volt! Checking the capacitor on board with my dick smith esr meter showed that it has a very high esr reading about 53 ohm (dick smith esr meter can measure esr value until 99 ohms). When i compared with a known good and same value/voltage capacitor, it has a 4.2-4.4 ohms!
The value of the bad capacitor was way off from the good one. Replacing with a new capacitor solved the vertical jumping problem.
The bad capacitor when checked with digital capacitance meter it showed .32 microfarad and in the acceptable range. Checking the same cap with analog meter also can't reveal any defective sign in the capacitor. Sometimes only experience can tell on which meter you should depends on when troubleshooting this type of problem. Conclusion, in order to accurately check or measure a capacitor one need to test the capacitor for dielectric strength, esr, capacitance and leakage and all this can be done using the Sencore LC102 OR LC103 tester. However, if you do not have esr meter, just direct replace the suspected capacitor and retest again and hope the symptom will gone and of course this way will take you a lot of your precious time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Internet Business Talk

Few days back I was a little bit busy as I and my internet business friends talk about how to go about giving talk to the public about internet marketing. This is the second meeting with them. We came out with a rough idea about the artwork of the advertisement and we have decided the date on 29th of april 2006 which is on saturday. Then one of my long time friend wedding day on saturday and went to his house on friday night which we called bachelor's night. Yesterday was the wedding dinner and here is the photo:
Wedding photo 1
Wedding photo 2
Wedding photo 3

QDK TE555 Monitor Problem

This monitor came in with no power symptom. Upon checking found the horizontal output transistor (HOT) completely shorted between all the legs. The part number is 2SC5296 and as mentioned before do not straight away replace the part and switch on the monitor as it might blow the HOT again. You have to find out why the HOT blow. It could blow by itself (due the transistor own life span which is very rare) or some other components that link to the transistor that is faulty which is quite common. As usual I've got to check the flyback, b+ line and some other components that link to the HOT. All of the major components that link to the HOT seems to be ok. Close inspection at the horizontal output transformer area found the supply voltage resistor to the horizontal output transformer dry joint at one leg. Due to this intermittent supply, the output waveform of the transformer definitely affected and thus the HOT would be affected as well and this blow the HOT. Replacing the HOT and solder back the dry joint solved the problem. Conclusion- first I thought it could be a faulty component that blowed the HOT and it turned out to be only a dry joint. So in future do not overlook dry joint otherwise you might end up unable to solve the problem.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Transistor Tester

I came across a monitor that have lines slowly moving upwards the screen. I could not locate as where is the section that caused the problem. When I carefully look at the mainboard I saw one portion at the dynamic focus circuitry a bit dark in color so I presumed those transistors in the circuit must be working very hard. Checking the transistors and all related components to be in working condition. But when I use a coolant to spray the area I found that the lines disappeared immediately. I applied heat using hair blower and coolant again and found one of the transistors giving fault. That's mean when I spray the particular transistor the lines totally goes off.
I took out the transistor and checked with an analog meter and it measured ok. The problem surfaced when I checked the transistor with peak electronics atlas transistor tester. The hfe reading of a known good one compare to the bad transistor was totally off the tolerance. The transistor part number is KSP44 or equivalent to MPSA44. Replacing the transistor solved the lines problem. How I wish if I have either the b&k or sencore transistor tester which I believed is very accurate when checking any transistors including the Fet,scr and other three leg devices. The transistor problem mentioned above is very uncommon and generally an analog meter alone will do the job. Hair blower and coolant also contribute in helping us to find out the culprit fast especially in the 'intermittent' case. If you do not have the gadget above the only choice for you is to direct replace the suspected components and hope the problem could be solved.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Likom 17" D1730LD Monitor Problem

A repair friend of mine sent in a likom 17" monitor for me to repair and the complaint is horizontal output transistor-BU4523AX (HOT), modulation diode (31DF6) and damper diode (BY329X-1200) shorted after running for couple of days. He could not understand why the particular components blown after using for few days. This is the third repair when he sent it to my workshop and everytime the same components burnt! He already checked all those important parts in the monitor such as the b+ line, flyback transformer, horizontal driver transformer area, secondary power section and even direct replaced most of the electrolytic capacitors. For your information, this repair friend of mine do not have esr meter-due to this he have to change all the electrolytic capacitors and took him a lot of time.
After the monitor cover had been removed i did not straight away change the suspected or spoilt components because i knew that if i replace all the bad components, the same problems will appear again after running for few days and you will be back to the square one. Instead, i carefully scan thru the board and hope to find the culprit first. I could not believe what i discovered, a tiny round of dry joint at one of the pin of flyback transformer. I believed my repair friend didn't take out the flyback transformer to check it entirely, he just checked the internal capacitance. In electronic repair sometimes we overlooked simple fault (which is dry joint) and try to locate or find any components that causing a problem. It is not necessary must be some major components faulty that cause big problem. It just take a tiny dry joint to make major destruction in any electronic equipments. Applied fresh solder and replaced the components solved the problem.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

ECG Transistor Replacements

Quite often when we come across any transistor problems like finding the specification of a transistor we will usually look for transistor data book. It is either from the handy transistor replacement guide book volume 1 and volume 2 or from the Philip ecg master replacement. If you are in the electronic repair industry I suggest that you get these data books as it will help you to save time especially finding an equivalent transistor part number. The ecg master replacement guide have more data or info compare to the handy transistor guide book. You have to remember this though the transistor guide book recommend some other transistor part number as substitution but not all are accurate. Of course you can use the substitution part number suggested as your replacement first, if work then it's ok however if the replacement transistor keep on shorting you might consider to get some in-depth information straight from the manufacturer.
The data provided in the ecg transistor replacements book sometimes is not enough to find a 'good' replacement. Just go to google search engine and type in the transistor part number. If possible key in the whole part number for example if you type in the part number such as the 5S0965 you will not get to the manufacturer instead it list down some electronic suppliers or distributors selling the particular parts. Type in the complete part number KA5S0965 and this will make the google to find the exact info and sometimes straight to the KA5S0965 pdf file where you can download and compare the data. Always remember that use only the original part first so that the equipment will last longer. If you really can't get the original part number then substitution is the only solution.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Internet Business Workshop

Yesterday I and two of my internet business friends met at my office talked about giving another internet business workshop to the public at the end of April. We felt that this is the time to go full force on this topic since internet business is getting more popular and demand from the market. You could see many internet gurus advertising in the local newspaper to help those who are interested to set up internet business the easy way. Ok back to the basic electronic repair course, when I told my student about the books that he should buy in order to enhance his knowledge in electronic repair, on that day evening just after the course, he immediately went to the bookshop in the center of town to get the books. I could not believe the passion of electronic repair he had shown to me. He said he will be attending the basic monitor repair course soon. Below are the photos taken during the 3 days course

Troubleshooting electronic photo 1-Assembling the project kit
Troubleshooting electronic photo 2-Troubleshooting and repairing monitor board
Troubleshooting electronic photo 3-Presented with certificate of attendance after the completion of the course.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Passion For Electronic Repair

There's only one student in the class and I don't mind that as long as he have the passion for electronics I will continue to guide him. He's a type of guy that like to learn new things. He have a diploma in computer studies and studying part time degree course in one of the local institution. Morning he help his father and uncle to run the fumigation business and at night go for classes. One thing I discovered from him is that he also like internet marketing. He even bought some internet business material online and may go for my internet workshop if I'm conducting one in times to come. He love reading books such as the computer networking, motivation (he even had read the Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki book), internet business and coming in the list would be the electronic repair book. Why I told you about his story? Simple, the answer is diversify! From my previous articles and post I've mentioned many times that one should learn extra skill or knowledge. As for him, currently he had chosen the electronic repair though he is already good in his field which is the computer networking. Learning has no end but giving up on learning will make you stagnant and please don't expect different result from the same thing you do everyday. If you have something in your mind now and would like to do it then don't delay, continue to pursue it till you succeed. Seek and you shall find.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Basic Electronic Course Start Tomorrow

I could not believe that I've forgotten to bring along my digital camera. I was in a rush and didn't really check my thing. I thought the digital camera is in the viewcam bag when I opened it only did I realized that I've placed my digital camera on the computer table. I managed to take my viewcam to shoot some of the nice scenery at the Cameron highlands. The Sony viewcam have the function of capturing images like a digital camera but when I finished copying the tape to my computer the image that I captured is not in jpeg file. It took me quite a number of hours to play around with this viewcam and yet I still could not make it into jpeg file. I need the jpeg file so that I can upload to the internet for you to see the beautiful pictures. When I have sorted this problems out I will upload again. About this trip, well I can say it is a good and fruitful trip. The journey took around 3 hours from my house to Cameron highlands. My kids and my wife really enjoyed so much especially in the butterfly farm. Can you imagine we went in twice in two days and each visit there's a charge of RM5.00 for adults and RM2.00 for children which is cheap.
My wife bought flowers for home decoration, fresh vegetables and honey corn which is very delicious, yummy-yummy! The price is very cheap if compare to the city and the strawberry park you can pluck the strawberry and they will charge base on how many you have plucked or by weight. When morning comes the place is full of mist and is very cold. I could see there's a lot of foreigners especially the japanese and westerners.
While having lunch I received a call from a guy who said that he is interested in my basic electronic course. Well, since he is keen on my course, I set the course on monday morning which is tomorrow. When we reached home my wife said that the next trip she will bring along her parents together. Ok for now need to rest early and prepare for the class tomorrow.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Holiday trip to Cameron Highlands

I'm not posting any technical repair tips today as I'm preparing to go to Cameron Highlands to celebrate my wife birthday tomorrow. I'll be leaving early in the morning and expected to reach there about noon. I and my family will be staying in the Equatorial Cameron highlands hotel. The place is located at 1,628 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains.The weather is cold and there's a lot of farms such as the wild orchid, honey bee, butterfly and rose valley. Most of malaysia's vegetable and flowers came from this place. There's also a well famous place called 'BOH TEA Plantation' which is the Malaysia's pioneering tea company and one of Asia's leading tea names. When I come back I'll show you the pictures from this trip. Here is another photo of Cameron highlands.All the best!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Focus Problem in Goldstar CF-29C37T TV

Though the picture problem solved, it still have one more problem which is focus out after on for sometimes. To find out if the flyback, crt socket or picture tube that cause the focus problem i use the Kaise high voltage probe. Unplug the focus wire and switch on the tv and start monitoring the focus voltage with the high voltage probe. In less than 10 minutes i can see that the high voltage slowly rised from 11.5kv to 13kv! If i continue to let the tv on i can expect the high voltage could reach 14kv. Due to the increased of focus voltage the picture slowly getting blur. Since i do not have a new flyback with me i add in a monitor blur buster to try it out. The monitor blur buster i have tested on thousands of monitor but not on Tv. You will be amazed that it actually worked in tv also. The picture looks normal and sharp even after i switch on the tv for hours. I was quite surprised to see a tv became blur as to my knowledge the tv flyback voltage divider normally can last very long as compare to monitor. Maybe this is an old tv and the flyback give way sooner than it should be. Imagine if you do not have the high voltage probe, you will be in the guessing game as which of the components that breakdown after sometimes!

Problems Solved Using ESR Meter

Every day when I reached home after picking up my children and wife, I got to head straight to my bed to take a 15-30 minutes short nap otherwise I would be feeling sleepy and no concentration in doing my work at night. Remember the 29" TV that I told you 2 days ago? The complaint was picture came out after about 30 seconds. I start checking all the electrolytic capacitors first and found 2 caps that have a high esr. One is in the power section-220uf 25v, the esr increased to 5.1 ohm while the other cap was 10uf 250v located at the horizontal driver transformer area. Replacing the two capacitors solved the problem as now the tv only takes around 4-5 seconds for the picture to appear. The esr meter is a real gem to me as it already solved quite a lot of capacitors problems and it already paid itself back many many many times. For those of you who still haven't invest any esr meter I suggest you to do so as it can speed up your repair work and no guessing game.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flyback Problem In Dell E550 Monitor Solved

No power was the complaint of this monitor. Upon checking found only horizontal output transistor became short circuit. The part number is C5552 and since I do not have this part I substitute it with C5587. When I power on the monitor I heard arcing sound and from close inspection I saw a blue light coming out from the crt socket. I suspect that the focus voltage have increased and arc to the surrounding ground. Using my faithful Kaise high voltage probe to check on the focus voltage-the voltage has increased to more than 10 Kv. This problem is mainly due to the defective part in the voltage divider unit. A working unit focus voltage should be around 5-7 Kv. Since I do not have this flyback (the part number is 19.70060) what I do is I pulled out the focus wire and cover the hole with super glue and taped the G2 screen cable. Then I installed a new monitor blur buster and connect the focus and G2 cable to its original place which is the crt board. Voila! the unit worked perfectly fine! I let it run for more than 8 hours without any arcing sound from the monitor and I will let it burn in again for few more days. Sometimes in our repair field we got to think like Mac Gyver (modification) otherwise many units would not be able to repair due to unavailability of spare parts. One more thing, nowadays it is hard to get original electronic parts from our local electronic distributors and this make our live a little bit tough when comes to repair any equipment that is quite new in the market.
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