Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Work

School opens today and brought my son and daughter to register at their school and kindergarten. It took me almost half a day to completely settle all the registration thing and when i reached office during lunch time customers begins to send in monitors for repair and received quite a number of calls for pick up. After a long holiday break and now back to business. I have solved couples of tough dog monitors that had been laid down at my bench for sometime. New year means new challenge for me and new goal that need to be done. Don't do the same thing and expect different result! Go out and take courses, learn new skill and new thing, don't limit yourself, don't be stagnant, don't live in your past, be prepare to take the challenges, be prepare to part from your old ways, be prepare to take risk! If you do nothing-Nothing Happen! Below are the photograph that i have taken during the Rompin trip:
Photo 1- With friends and my wife at the Summerset Resort Rompin beach.

Photo 2- Receiving a hamper after my group won a consolation prize in a family game.
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