Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Printer Repairing And Troubleshooting Course

Last week there was a printer repairing course conducted by my working partner to a participant from Perwaja Steel Gurun Kedah. The participant job mainly is to troubleshoot laserjet and he wants to know more about printer repair and he is a very hardworking guy. I myself don't repair printer except only on repairing the power board. He is very keen want to learn basic electronic also but the management only giving green light on printer repair course. This is only a two days course and my partner revealed every secrets he knows about printer repairing which included the laser jet and dot matrix. We do provide support for those who attended the course such as spare parts, tips on repair, email and even phone. We will make sure they won't be left out and be successful in printer repairing.

This is the third week since the school start and as usual i seldom blog due to the tight schedule. But do not worry, my new repair website will be ready by mid of next month. Most of my night time spent on building this website and to tell you frankly-it is torturing because you have to sacrifice a lot of time. No time for Tv, less shopping with family and etc, but somehow i knew that once launched i will have more time again because i don't need to rush anymore. Have a good day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finding Time To Build My Electronic Repair Website

It's been three weeks since my last post-it's really time flies! Well,it is like a cycle, the school start and got to sleep early and wake up in the morning to fetch my wife to work, and sending my kids to school. After school and work, have to send them back again. Although it's quite tiring, i could felt the togetherness and bonding with my family-it's kind of building relationship with them-worth it! Due to the time spend on the family matters, i guess i have to delay the electronic repair website launching date to early or mid of february. Currently it has over 40 pages packed with quality photos and information on electronic repair. Hope this time i will complete my website on schedule. By the way, in the month of january there's only one class on and most of my time was spent on the research and development on the monitor LCD repair. Hope the course can be ready by end of june. Take care my friends!
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