Friday, December 22, 2006

Blessed Christmas And A Happy New Year

Time flies, well we are almost reach end of the year and looking forward for 2007. Have you set your goal for next year? What is your aim or resolution for next year? Want to become a very skillful repairman? Want to take courses to upgrade yourself? Want to learn something new in your life? Or perhaps want to keep your body healthy and fit? Whatever resolution or goal you want to set for next year, make sure you do it or at least try it before you give up. It's easy to set your resolution for next year but only actions count. From my previous post, I've already mentioned that my resolution for next year is to give the best to the electronic repair world through my new website. Almost every night I dedicated my time to write couple of pages of electronic repair articles for you to enjoy in my new website. It's not a very sophisticated or beautiful website but yet the information and photos in the website will truly make you a lot easier to understand about electronics and repair. Convince yourself what are the things that you want to do for next year. Assuming that you already reached end of next year and look back at the things that you've already done-you will be glad on yourself and the satisfaction is beyond description.
Start thinking now since you have so much time in this holiday season.

Lastly I wish all of my readers a Blessed Christmas And A Happy New Year. See you next year. Bye!

This photo was taken when I and my family went to Penang for a holiday.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Building My New Electronic Repair Website

It's time for me to eventually build a new electronic repair website for you all to enjoy. The schedule of launching will be somewhere in the mid or end of January 2007. I will inform you through this electronic repair blog once the website is completed. I'm taking this task as my next year resolution in order to provide a better electronic repair information for fellow repairer. If you read all my electronic repair articles at you would understood i've already stop writing the articles since last year august. Next year i'will be dedicate most of my time to send you my repair articles at least once a week-be sure to subscribe to my free newsletter when you visit the website. It's not that easy to build a large website about electronic repair especially it have to be jammed packed with photos and good quality repair articles. Bear with me and i'm sure you will be impress when you see the new website soon.

Last week commpleted a class for a student from Malacca. I've told you that he is a computer dealer and keens on electronic repair. He took my refurbish flyback and advanced monitor repair course. Within 9 days spread across three weeks he finally took all my courses. As i mentioned to you before, i don't mind teaching one student, as long as he has the interest to know more about the subject. At the last course he even brought along some monitors for me to train him. I don't know whether you believe it or not, he managed to repaired 6 out of 7 faulty monitor. The other unit of monitor that was beyond repair was due to a defective picture tube. A couple units of monitor developed a short circuit in the flyback transformer internal capacitor. By using the refurbish course method, all of the defective unit got back their life worked wonderfully. He was glad and he knew that the money he spent for the course will pay itself back in the very short time. I'm proud of him. By the way, he is married with two kids. Age is not the reason for you to stop learning. There is one saying "if you think you can, you can".

Tomorrow i will be going for holidays with my family to Penang. I will visit my elder sister house first before checking in into hotel. It's been almost 10 years since the last time i went to Penang. I'm sure the kids will truly enjoy the trip.

Friday, December 01, 2006

DVD Servicing and Practical Power Supply Books

Last week while I was shopping with my family and visit to a local bookstore I was amazed to see electronic repair books displayed at the bookshelf. Normally only computers and electronic theory books available in the bookstore. There's so many electronic repair books title and I had chosen the DVD and practical power supply book. As I have mentioned many times before in my previous post was about the importance of upgrading yourself in the electronic repair world. Though the DVD servicing book is not relevant to my repair field, I found that the DVD schematic diagram given was real good and clear. It explained how a DVD work and where to check when problems occurred. I've also learned some new repair tips from the power supply book. Adding these type of repair knowledge will only make you better in electronic troubleshooting. I will continue to buy electronic repair books as long as I found new information in it. Learning has no end and only yourself that limit it-so keep reading! Few days ago just completed another class for a student from malacca. He is a computer dealer and love electronics. During the 6 days course, he had learned so much about electronic and monitor repair and he brought along 7 units of monitors for repair. He managed to repaired 3 monitors while the other 4 monitors is flyback problem where he need to refurbish it. He's planning to come back for the advanced monitor and refurbish flyback course in one or two weeks time. It's great to see a guy that have the same passion like us-LOVE ELECTRONIC REPAIRS!

As for the joint ventured with my friend on the balloon twisting website, I've managed to made some sales. Those sales were from the United States. Now the website is still new and I need to do a lot of marketing work, once stable I can expect it to make tons of sales everyday-wish me the best! After launching the balloon website, now I'm on the way to built another website just for electronic repairer only. You gonna love it as it will be packed with tons of my electronic repair articles, photos and will update frequently about electronic repair. It will takes about a month or two to complete the website and I will let you know when the website is ready for launching. Below is the photo taken for the student from Malacca:
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