Saturday, June 23, 2007

Electronic repair courses

Just finished giving a basic electronic course today for the student that i've mentioned in the last post. He is only 19 years old and have decided not to continue with his study. He told me that he love to dismantle things and find out how it works (same as me) when he was young and willing to start work after completion of all my courses. I've been told by one of my TV repair friend that he is looking for a junior tech and a general clerk. I will train him till end of july and most probably hope that he can start work by 1st of August.

Just after 3 days attending the basic course, he is independent now and had no problem in troubleshooting electronic components. He will start to take the basic monitor repair course on next Thursday as this course is totally different from the basic electronic. He will be expose to many types of circuit, how to read schematic, simple modification of electronic circuit and many more. Next monday till wednesday, again starting the basic electronic course for the MAT staff (5 of them will be coming). Looks like i have to talk less so that my throat have the time to rest. Check out the photo below for the recent course that i have conducted for the MAT staff.

Me and my family members just celebrated father's day few hours ago. We had a simple dinner at a restaurant nearby my house. Usually every year, we will celebrate after one week of the actual date to avoid congestion in the restaurants. Hope i'm not too late to wish all of my readers a happy father's day! My new website is ready now and you can visit it by clicking here.


Anonymous plumbing said...

Having a knowledge in just basic electronic repair is not enough because the competition is so great nowadays, you may need some additional training to improve your repair skill or some other courses that can helps you to diversify into another field.

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