Thursday, May 17, 2007

High Voltage Probe

A former student of mine came to my office showing me a high voltage probe bought from Taiwan by his boss. The brand name was PINTEX. Before this he had difficulty of testing the high voltage of the monitor. Why do we need high voltage probe? The probe will show us the exact high voltage value produced at the anode by the flyback transformer. Whenever a monitor shutdown we need to know at what voltage level does it shutdown. Does the monitor shutdown at less than 24 kv or above 24 kv? With high voltage probe you can quickly determine at what voltage the monitor shutdown and you can easily determine the relevant circuit and from there you can start your troubleshooting job.

His high voltage probe need to be connected to a multimeter in order to read the reading. From the manual, it says that 1volt= 1000 volt! That's mean if your meter registered 24 volt is actually 24000v or 24 kv. As for me i still prefer to use a high voltage meter that comes with a panel meter on it. It's simple and very easy to read. However if you want to know more about how a high voltage probe can really help in troubleshooting, i strongly recommend you to visit my website about the important of high voltage meter.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Technical Department Need This...............

Yesterday there was a salesperson walked into my office trying to sell something to me. You could see those salesman were very aggressive pushing their products at coffeeshops, streets and from door to door. The products that they were usually sell was books for kids (educational products), electrical gadgets, household items and many more. Okay come back to this salesperson, the moment this salesperson show me the product i immediately thought of technical department. It was a small, white and powerful LED torch and the neck can be turn 360 degree. Because of this product small in size, have the flexibility and cheap, i immediately bought it. It comes with a free radio with earphone and three extra batteries!

I knew that my technical department already have a torch light but somehow i liked this design and it really suit when it comes to the point you want to see the part numbers of components located under the belly of CRT picture tube. You can push the neck of the LED torch light deep into the covered area. Guess how much is this led torch light? It was only RM10.00 (about USD2+)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Taiwan Industrial Supplies Trade Pages

Besides nikkei electronic asia magazine, i also subscribed to which is
one of the Taiwan Industrial trade pages. The information is more about electrical and industrial information and touch very less on the electronics subject. The subscription is free and besides the industrial news, they have the same trade pages that cater for auto parts, tools, hardware & building materials, gift premium houseware, lighting and fashion & apparel accessories. If you want to sourse products to sell at your country why not subscribe one by visiting this link

Just received latest Nikkei Electronics Asia Magazine

Time flies, another month had passed. It seems like i'm getting this magazine every week! It's been exactly 3 months since after my electronic repair guide dot com website launched. At the moment there are about 600 subscribers had joined as the members of the ERG and i'm expecting more by end of the year. I'm targeting about 3000 to 4000 members by end of the year. I'm planning to start a forum too but with my current tight schedule i could not allocate much time to manage the forum. I'll put on hold first, and when the right time comes, i will definitely set up one for the ERG members to discuss about electronic repair!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Is Electronic Repair Line A Dying Trade?

Since after i sent my weekly electronic repair newsletter few days ago about the subject "Is electronic repair servicing line a dying trade". I received lots of feedback and comments from my subscribers telling me about their current electronic repair business. It's good to know as what is happening in other countries. Many of them agreed about besides reading technical stuff books, one should open their door to read motivational and sales books as well. Please forgive me if i respond to your email late as i've lots of email that i need to answer.
By the way if you are my new reader in this blog and haven't sign up to my free newsletter, you may do so by visiting this electronic repair website.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

It Was A Wonderful Trip

The holiday at Genting highland was great and the condition was so cold especially at night. We had our steamboat dinner and everyone in the family enjoyed the food so much and we brought our family members to the Theme park and watched fireworks (celebrating Labour day) and the kids were very happy to see such bright colorful sky caused by the fireworks. We even went into the man made snow room (with minus 6 Celsius) and start throwing the ice to each others. All of us really had a great fun in Genting highland.

What amazed me about this resort is the founder when at the age of 50 (he had a vision), he sold off his tin mining business in the 60’s and use the money to build a resort on a mountain which is 2000 meters above the sea level. Many of his friends said he was insane to make such decision. Nothing can stop his dream from coming to reality. He had the determination and courage and the vision that is far ahead of his time. At present, this resort and its subsidiary making net profits billions of dollars every year! He is still alive and just celebrated his 90th birthday with his family and the business is now run by his son. Do you have a vision? If yes would you like to turn your vision into reality? Then start take action NOW because this famous quote by Albert Einstein said “Noting Happen Until Something Move”.

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