Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Basic Electronic Repair Course

Last week had completed the basic monitor repair course and today start another basic electronic repair course for a participant from University Cyberjaya Melaka. To be honest it is quite tiring to give straight 3 days course and i got to take Fisherman's friend sweet to soften my throat from loosing my voice otherwise my voice would become like Rod Stewart the singer! Last weekend i brought my kids and wife for windows shopping just to relax a bit because monday have another course which is the basic electronic repair that i've mentioned above. I'm afraid i might not have enough time to write blog as frequent as last time due to tight schedule. The internet business workshop is approaching soon (29th of April) and next week i'm preparing another class for advance monitor repairing and troubleshooting course. The two students that had attended my basic monitor repair course begin the training at my workshop starting today. I made them to remove all electronic components from scrap monitor board . Today is to train their soldering skill and tomorrow will be testing equipment and check all the components that they had removed! I have plan for them on how to quickly make them to be pro in monitor repairing. As for the internet business workshop so far there's about 8 participants who had paid up and i believe more will pay up soon when the day of the course is approaching-last minutes registration. Ok here is the photos of the two students who had taken my basic monitor course last week. Monitor repair photo 1, Monitor repair photo 2.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Basic Monitor Repair Course Start

Last week i mentioned about two students would be coming to attend the basic monitor repair and troubleshooting course. Today i started the course and they have learned a lot about monitor. Two more days to go and hope they will be able to follow and of course begin to troubleshoot some simple monitor problem after the course. Another good news is that they are planning to take the advanced monitor repair course. I told them once they have finished both the course i will allow them to join me in the technical department and start to repair customer monitors. This will truly expose them to the real world of monitor troubleshooting. Nothing beat the practical hands on when comes to learn about monitor troubleshooting. I will guide them throughout the training till they grasp the art of monitor repairing and i want them to be independent fast. Will show you some pictures after the end of the basic monitor repair course.

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Fruitful Fishing Trip

It was a fruitful fishing trip cos we caught 3 Spanish mackerel and 18 triple tail fish. During the trip we enjoyed the fellowship among our group of six and all working pressure and stress just diminished! Along the journey we had our dinner together and when we reached the chalets we had some drinks and chat again for a while before we head straight to our rooms to prepare the next day going out to the sea for deep sea fishing. It's the time of togetherness and sharing, money can't buy all this. If you have been busy for such a long timewhy don't take a short break and relax your mind and body. Look at the pictures below and observe the scenery and the sunlight shine thru the sea-it's really wonderful and beautiful.

Merchung fishing trip photo 1-One of the chalets where anglers stay
Merchung fishing trip photo 2-Loading our fishing gears and equipment to the fishing boat.

Merchung fishing trip photo 3, photo 4, photo 5, photo 6- The nice scenery of merchung pahang.
Merchung fishing trip photo 7, photo 8- My friends with their catch.
Merchung fishing trip photo 9- Group photo-look at their smiling face include mine. One friend not in the photo cos he have to take the shots!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Selling Away Scrap Monitor And Printer

I've just sold 30+ units of scrap monitors and printers to a guy who's business is in dealing with refurbishing computers. What i've heard was all those spoilt monitor will send to China for refurbishing. This guy do not want any monitor that have burnt mark in the crt tube. It was a great relieve to see my office now have more space. Today i received a call from my previous basic electronic course student saying that he wants to proceed to the basic monitor repair course. At the same time my friend's son also wants to continue his study here. He had taken the basic electronic course two years ago. If everything goes well i will conduct the class very soon. Again i received an email from another participant confirming he wanted to start the basic electronic repair class on 17th of April. These are the good news to me and my company.
Tomorrow afternoon i will be going for a fishing trip with my friends at Merchung, Rompin-Pahang. It's been a long time since the last fishing trip to kelong. It was last year november. This is a good time for fishing as the sea now is more calm as compare when during monsoon time where no one dare to go to the sea due to strong wind, big wave and unpredictable wheather. Will show you some pictures when i get back.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Top View Of Monitor Mainboard Troubleshooting

Most of the time when we troubleshoot monitors we seldom look at the front side (view) of the main board. We will just take the meter or solder gun and begin troubleshooting and tracing the bad components at the back of the main board. Do you know that some monitor problems can only be solve by looking at the front side compare to the circuitry side. Why? Because you can observe any leaked in electrolytic capacitor, a burnt resistor, a cracked transistor, a loose wire or connector, a bulge capacitor and so forth. I still can remember there's one acer monitor which have a weird problem and i could not solve it. The problem is intermittent (sometimes have power and sometimes power blink) but when i look at the front side of the monitor mainboard and power on the monitor i saw a small blue light at the secondary side of the power supply. Close inspection found one of the resistor leg is touching the secondary diode. Both components is located just under the belly of the crt tube. If not because of the blue spark and looking at the mainboard from top and side view i would not have successfully troubleshoot the monitor. I suggest that if possible take out the whole board and see if you can find any trace of problems by looking at the board front side and of course it depends on the complaint or the problems of the monitor.
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