Monday, July 16, 2007

It Was A Wonderful Trip

We stayed at Legend Water Chalet Port Dickson (PD) and it was a very nice trip. After checked in and had some rest we went to the nearby hotel (Glory beach hotel) to check out the beach condition. We saw kids riding on a horse. We decided to let out kids ride on the horse since my little girl hasn’t had this experience before. After that, we went straight to the beach to build sand castle. The kids really enjoying themselves playing sand and I joined them too.

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The room interior designed was superb and there was a built in see through glass where you could see the below area from your room. I brought along my fishing rod but there seems to be no fish around and only small crabs.

We didn’t go for swimming because my kids caught a cold just before we leave for PD. Dinner time came and I guessed I and my family were the first to be in the restaurant (because we didn’t go to swimming pool). It was a buffet dinner and we truly enjoyed the meals. The reason I went to PD was to celebrate my 10 years wedding anniversary. Time flies just like that and seeing my kids grow was the most beautiful experienced.

Above all, LOVE. Spend quality and quantity time with your children. Be generous with your praises and lots of hugs. Bring corrections and discipline to a child with love and consistency and one day your children and grandchildren ‘arise and call you blessed!’

Remember, the greatest gift that a father can give to his children is to love his wife!

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