Saturday, July 07, 2007

Looking Forward To Teach More Repair Courses

I suppose to go on a short vacation today and plan to send the repair article on friday but out of sudden my son developed a high fever. I have to postpone the short trip to next week and will be sending the repair article in few more hours time. Yesterday i just completed the advanced monitor course for the young guy. He finished all the 3 major courses and starting from next week onward till end of the month he will be station in the technical department to start repair customer monitors. Although i shared to him all the repairing secrets, he still need to be expose to the actual faults in Monitor. Practical or hands on is still the best to learn electronic repair.

Next week a new batch of MAT staff will be attending the basic monitor repair. They had completed the basic electronic course last year. For your information, each of their staff are eligible to take up one of our course per year. That's mean, once i completed this basic monitor course for them, they will come next year to take the advance monitor course and another year for LCD monitor repair.

There are some good news too, in august and september there will be students attending the LCD monitor repair course. After setting up my new website and it seems that i got more enquiries about the courses. Since i want to expand my company especially in the repair courses, i had consulted a salesman about the advertising. I plan to advertise in this coming either august or september to let more people know about the courses. Hope after advertise more people will be taking up the repair courses from us.

After completion of the course one can always choose which field they want to be in. It is not necessary must be in the Monitor repair line. I'm just using Monitor as a guide to teach about electronic repair. You can choose to be a technician in monitor, tv, cctv, automobile, parking system, alarm system, audio, computer and many more in repair. You can also work in big firm too like matsushita, national, panasonic, samsung, LG, Epson and etc.


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