Saturday, June 30, 2007

Completed Another Course For MAT Staff

Completed another basic electronic course for the malaysia airport technologies (MAT)staff. At first i didn't knew that they sent two ladies to attend my course. I was only told 5 staff will be attending the course. One of ladies have diploma in IT while the other have diploma in Engineering. They have no problem handling all those hardware stuff. This course is target to those who are really new or have some experience in electronics. I always tell my students that my job is to build a road for them, whether they want to sit, stand, walk or run is actually depends on themselves. To run means after the course, build more electronic projest kits, visit repair forum, read electonic books and magazine and etc. There will be non stop of acquiring electronic repair kbowledge and the process of learning electronics is continuous! This is true also if you want to improve yourself in electronics or any other field that you interested in.

The young guy now is taking the second level course which is the basic monitor repair. He had spent 3 days in my technical department where my supervisor guide him on the practical side especially on the basic electronics. He trained him again on the soldering and checking electronic components skill. I could see that he have the heart of loving this job. Whatever electronic components assignment my supervisor gave him, he was able to solve it-marvelous!

Even he is good at reading Monitor schematic diagram and locate the Monitor circuit too. For your information, at the end of each day of the course, i will hand the students about 10 to 15 questions and this young guy was able to answer 90% of the questions. He is the type that never give up easily and i seldom see any students that come close to him- to be honest.

I told him that he is blessed to have a good father and family members that support him in his study. He is not from a well to do family and after completion of the course i believe he will be able to contribute back to his family finance after he start working. I just want them to be independent and stand on their feet and not always to depends on parents. Somehow you just have to climb your own ladder one day and no one will climb it for you. Seeing my former students successful in their repair career really made me have a great joy and happiness in my heart.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Electronic repair courses

Just finished giving a basic electronic course today for the student that i've mentioned in the last post. He is only 19 years old and have decided not to continue with his study. He told me that he love to dismantle things and find out how it works (same as me) when he was young and willing to start work after completion of all my courses. I've been told by one of my TV repair friend that he is looking for a junior tech and a general clerk. I will train him till end of july and most probably hope that he can start work by 1st of August.

Just after 3 days attending the basic course, he is independent now and had no problem in troubleshooting electronic components. He will start to take the basic monitor repair course on next Thursday as this course is totally different from the basic electronic. He will be expose to many types of circuit, how to read schematic, simple modification of electronic circuit and many more. Next monday till wednesday, again starting the basic electronic course for the MAT staff (5 of them will be coming). Looks like i have to talk less so that my throat have the time to rest. Check out the photo below for the recent course that i have conducted for the MAT staff.

Me and my family members just celebrated father's day few hours ago. We had a simple dinner at a restaurant nearby my house. Usually every year, we will celebrate after one week of the actual date to avoid congestion in the restaurants. Hope i'm not too late to wish all of my readers a happy father's day! My new website is ready now and you can visit it by clicking here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

MAT Courses Start Today

Courses for Malaysia Airport Technologies (MAT) start today. Every year MAT sent about 10 over staff for training and newer staff will take the Basic Electronics course first before proceed to take the Basic Monitor repair course the following year until the completion of the course which is the Advanced Monitor Repair. Somehow this year have an additional course which is the LCD Monitor repair course which will be starting on this coming August. So far we have sent out some quotation to MAT and University Cyberjaya and one big corporation, hope their management will approve the course.

Today’s course was attended by four of the MAT staff and they are doing very well and looking to learn more in the next two days. This coming Thursday, there might be another basic electronic course held for a participant. Remember from the previous post 3 months ago, a participant just after completion of form 5 wanted to learn from me all the troubleshooting and repair skills but he got a called to serve in the national service (NS) for 3 months. Now the NS training was over and his father called me saying that he will be sending his son next Thursday to be train under me. I will conduct the course in Mandarin. If everything goes well, then I may be very busy from Monday to Saturday for couples of week just to give training.

Last week, there was another caller from Kuala Trengganu expressed his interest in the courses too. Quotation already sent out and now just waits for the purchase order only.

Wow! About the fishing trip, it was very fruitful. Good weather, calm sea, and the best is the good catch! Not to mention, good food too! Every of my angler’s friends were very happy and many will be looking forward for the next trip. Some suggest go to pulau (island) AUR which is somewhere near pulau Tioman in this coming September. Well, if all planned accordingly, perhaps after finishing giving all the courses, I may take a rest by going to the place my angler’s friends have suggested. Click below to view the photos



By the way, my new website will be ready soon; hopefully I can launch it in this coming Saturday or Sunday. All the best to you!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Came Back From MUAR

It was a very good holiday at my in law’s house in Muar. I slept a lot as though that my body has been very long time didn’t relax! It really rejuvenates my body and mind and I could think of lots of electronic repair ideas too. Not only that, I went to lots of hawker stalls to try the local foods there as the price was much much cheaper than KL. I also went to one of the famous electronic shop in the center of town to buy some ultra fast recovery diodes as the price was also much cheaper than KL. No wonder lots of Singaporean like to visit Muar when there’s a holiday because their money currency rate is about 2.3 to 1 Malaysian Ringgit. That’s mean for every 1 MR equal to 0.43 Singapore dollar. Besides, it only took them 2 hours drive from Singapore to Muar.

My free time mostly spend with the kids and I like to bring them to “Tanjung” because there have lots of playgrounds for children, good scenery (besides Muar river), fresh air and a nice pedestrian walkway by the Muar river too. Opposite the river, I could see SG Thompson semiconductor and one of my former college mate works there as an engineer.
I went to a local bookstore too and stumbled upon the magazine “Electronics For You” and I bought it and finished reading it in the middle of the night.

While in Muar, I received a call from my company saying that Malaysia Airport Technologies has confirmed sending their staff for training. It was really good news to me as I’m looking forward for their confirmation since on April. Well, the course will be starting on 18th of June and will be end on August. By the way don’t miss out on all the photos that I have taken during when I’m in Muar. This coming Friday, I’ll be leaving for Merchung again for sea fishing, hope this time there will be no more big wave! School starts tomorrow and as usual, got to wake up early to fetch my kids and wife before going to work. Oh yes, my new website is almost complete and will be launching soon. Just wait for my mail for those who have subscribed.

Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Photo1- High antenna
Photo2- SG Thompson
Photo3- Electronic shop
Photo4- Buying electronic components
Photo5- Hawker stall
Photo6- Sate
Photo7- Otak
Photo8- Less cars
Photo9- Pre war buildings
Photo10- Kids have fun
Photo11- Playing football
Photo12- Akad bersanding
Photo13- Akad bersanding1
Photo14- Relax

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Taking A Break

Tomorrow i and my family will be going to my in law's house in Muar Johor for a holiday. This week is the second week of school holiday so i better bring my kids to visit their grandparents before the school starts next week. I will be there for about 4 days and the article that i suppose to send to you every week will also be delayed. I'm planning to bring my family to watch SHREK 3 at the local cinema there and enjoy some nice food at the hawker stalls and many singaporeans love to visit Muar too. Its a small town and not busy like KL. Will post some nice photos when i come back.

Last week my family members celebrated my birthday and it was fun and joy. If you look back, you could see that time never and will never wait for you- it just passes so fast.

I completed the advanced monitor repair course last saturday and my student can't wait to go back to his technical workshop to start practising the repair tips that i taught him. He told me that he got a lot of Monitor problems that can be solve by using the methods i shared to him. He is the kind of person who never give up.

Today while working, my car mechanic sent me a Toyota automobile mainboard for repair. I told him i could not test the board as it need some special ways to check it. The most i could do was to check all the components except the big cpu and some customize IC's. After spending quite sometimes, i concluded that the components surrounding the IC's was good. He came and brought the board back and retest again. Later when i met him, i asked about the board. He told me that he actually found a connector loosen out under the dashboard and the board was working fine now. This story reminds me of a repair friend who repair the Mercedes Benz power windows circuit board many years ago. He told me that he used Huntron tracker to troubleshoot the fault and manage to charge high prices on such repairs. If you would like to diversify your repair business, automobile circuit board repair could be lucrative to you too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Advanced Monitor Troubleshooting Course

Today was my second day conducting the advanced monitor troubleshooting and repair course. There was only one student attending this course, by right it should be three but because the other twos (they are partners in a computer firm) got a call from a big corporate asking them to deliver new computers by this week thus i have to make another date for them to attend. As for this student, he is currently working
with Nintendo company as a senior tech. His job is to repair the amusement machnie (gaming TV or Monitors). He already took my basic monitor repair course about 2 years ago and now decided to take the advanced monitor repair. The way i saw him doing the practical work i knew that he had learned so much within the 2 years repairing the gaming TV and the main board. He is such a humble guy and willing to take the extra miles in order to achieve his dream as a professional electronic repairer.

I could see that he was very happy when i reveals all of my secrets repair tips that can really cut short his troubleshooting and repair time. May be one day i should interview him how was it like working in the amusement machine industry. What say you?
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