Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Really Miss Electronic Troubleshooting

Somehow this year i conducted more electronic repair courses than ever before and i felt really tired. Every night i have to go to bed early to prepare for the next day as though 24 hours is not enough to me. Well, i think i got to learn time management! I do not know why this year more and more people like electronic repair but thank God for us is considered a blessing. Two days ago, received a caller from Perwaja Steel gurun Kedah saying want to learn printer repair. When submitted our whole course he wanted to learn basic electronic repair as well! While having lunch today in my office there was three persons came in asking for courses info. Actually was a lady ,her boyfriend and her younger brother. She asked on behalf of her younger brother about the courses. Her younger brother was only 19 years old and wanted to learn about electronic repair. Sometimes young men really do not know about their ambition. I've been in their position before-changing a lot of jobs before finally settled down in electronic repair field.
When we are young we just have too many options, we need someone to guide us. We cannot be "Jack of all trade master of none" . In this case her sister had found a suitable field for him. I told her that her brother must have passion in order to learn electronic repair otherwise she will be wasting money sending him to learn something that he is not interested in. I had explained everything to them about the courses syllabus and let them go back and consider first before sending her brother to attend my courses.

Next week there will be a participant from bintulu sarawak to attend straight 6 days on the basic electronic and basic monitor troubleshooting and repair courses. Looks like i have to upkeep my stamina to prepare for next week! I really miss troubleshooting. Hope after all the courses will have the chance to be active again in electronic repair.

Ok back to the basic monitor repair course for the Malaysia airport staff. I've just completed the course today and only two attended while the other staff can't make it due to some reasons. Below are the pictures taken during the course.

MalaysiaAirport1-Troubleshooting Monitor

MalaysiaAirport2-Checking and Understanding of Flyback Transformer.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just Completed Another Basic Electronic Course

Looks like at this moment I do not have the chance to repair monitor because I've just received another purchase order from Malaysia Airport to conduct Basic monitor troubleshooting course for six of their staff for next week and end of next month. I really miss electronic troubleshooting (I guess those of you who is in this troubleshooting line will know). Two months back I already employed my former supervisor to help out the technical department because I could foreseen there will be a lot of classes on and I will not have the time to repair. True enough, besides Malaysia Airport, those who saw my website also interest in electronic repair. Today, I've just received a called from kuching sarawak saying that he will be coming to attend the basic electronic course in this coming 27th to 29th of September.
I might get a new meter soon hopefully next month. The meter that I'm getting is Kyoritsu insulation tester. I'm hoping with this new meter will help my staff to be more efficient in troubleshooting electronic components especially in checking high voltage capacitor. Since I do not have much time to spend on technical department, I will try to get as many as possible good testing equipment to assist the tech's in solving especially 'tough dog' problem. Why I want to buy this meter is because normal analog multimeter and digital capacitance meter can't measure high voltage capacitor correctly. With this meter, it will detect capacitor that will breakdown when under full operating voltage. Though the chances of capacitors failed when under full load is quite rare, well deep in my heart I just to want to have one.

I may also get another good tester from Germany which is the Steinel Master Checker and is highly recommended by Ian field ( a professional electronic repairer). Does any readers have come across this tester? If yes please do give a comment on it. Thanks. Below are the photos taken for the Malaysia Airport Staff:


Friday, September 08, 2006

Electronic Repair Course Still Coming In

Well, i got to let you know that for the past few months i'm quite busy with the electronic repair courses that was held on July, August and this month September. I'm just finished giving basic and intermediate electronic course for the staff of Malaysia Airport Technologies. This week MIA only sent three staff and i will continue the course for the remaining four staff starting on next week.

There was a participant from nigeria attented my course last month. He told me he's been searching this type of practical course for such a long time. Currently he's staying in Malaysia doing some computer business and at night studying MBA in financial planning. I truly salute him because he shown his passion in electronic by taking the electronic repair course, got to manage his computer business, have to study part time-he even told me that he needs to learn hand's on in electronic repair so that in future wherever he go he will be ready!

Another student from Kuching Sarawak working in a big semiconductor company First Silicon Semiconductor (a joint venture company with the Korean and local government) had attended the basic electronic and basic monitor course. He is a degree holder in mechanical engineering from University Technology Of Malaysia. According to him, his boss wanted to start their own repair center and want him to in charge in the technical department. It is quite costly to everytime send back the electronic board for repair. Due to this responsibility, he must learn how to repair. He had tried searched a suitable electronic repair in kuching but couldn't find any and finally found our website thru the internet. He have the patience and learned quite fast and i believe he will be able to handle the technical department.
Here are the photos taken during the training:
MalaysiaAirport1, MalaysiaAirport2
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