Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Balloon Twisting Instructions Website

Remember that i told you about the joint ventured with a friend in marketing videos? It's launched today www.balloontwistingwithsam.com My friend's name is Sam Tee and people call him Uncle Button. He is a professional clown and been in the clowning industry for more than 10 years. He came to me and asked whether i could joint venture with him selling his balloon twisting videos online, I told him i would check out first before giving him an answer. After few days of research i could say that there' a big demand in balloon twisting materials and information such as books, courses, tutorials, supplies of balloons, pumps and etc. I guessed this is the right time to comes out with such a great product of video online downloading. Cost of shipping are saved and customer can view it with Windows Media Player the moment the credit card has approved! The videos is about how to make balloon animals and other designs for beginners and advanced twister. It's so easy, the moment i viewed it i could immediately twist a balloon dog in minutes! It took me couples of months to get this balloon twisting instructions website done. In the morning as usual i will fully concentrate on my electronic repair business and courses but at night I'm in full gear on internet marketing. Hope it will bring some extra income for me and my friend. Check this website again "Learn How To Make Balloon Animals" with Balloon Twisting With Sam.

Semicon Japan 2006 Invitation

I've got an invitation to attend the semicon Japan 2006 on December 6th to 8th. I guessed i have to reject the invitation because Japan is just too far from my country. For more information about Semicon Japan you may visit http://www.semi.org
The day just before i went to kelong i told you about the two students attending my course. Below is the picture taken during the course.

Last week i received a call from Malacca saying that he wants to attend my full electronic repair courses. I thought the course only start on next week but he called up today and want to start the course tomorrow. I agreed to him to start the basic electronic course and next week will continue with the basic monitor repair course. Actually he was my former computer dealer which I've lost touch with him. He came to me after seeing my blog. He is in the monitor repair business now and wants to upgrade his electronic repair skill by attending the courses. Well, here's another guy that is truly have passion in electronics!

During these past two weeks after came back from kelong fishing i'm busy preparing information for the next year Lcd repair course. I have to dismantle and sort out all the board such as the power board, inverter board, main board, lamp, lcd panel, scaler or driver board and etc. This will take some times to prepare and hope those students who already taken all my repair courses will have the patient to wait for it. At my office there's more and more LCD monitor coming in for repair. The charges is higher compares to crt monitor and the good news is, it is not that really tough to repair LCD monitor. I'm coming out with my own lcd repair schematic that can easily cut down the repair time just like what happen to my crt monitor course where i gave out to my students my own monitor schematic secrets where you can't get it elsewhere. Understanding these secrets and with little help from some gadgets and test equipments could help you to troubleshoot a monitor in the fastest time and chances of repair it would be higher.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Kelong Fishing Photos

The first day we reached kelong was a bit hot especially in the afternoon. Eventhough it was hot we have no choice but to sleep due to the long hour morning drive. It took about 2 and a half hours to reach Tanjung Leman jetty from Ayer Hitam Toll. I slept at the upper deck of the dormitory bed. Some of my friends says it was like a furnace or oven (laughing). Usually at end of the year the whether should be a bit cooling but somehow this time it was hot. On the second and third day the whether was fantastic and it was like air conditioning blowing 24 hours non stop. The sea breeze was just excellent! On the first day there's not much catch due to sea water condition. The current was slow and sometimes not flowing at all. This will cause the fish not to take our baits. We are a bit disappointed after coming long way from KL. Somehow in the middle of the night there was a guy who keep on pulling up fishes. This really amazed me because the technique that he's using is totally different from ours. I got a surprised too when he's willing to share his secrets to me. It was like a blessing and thank God for this guy.
So on the second day i began to share his secrets to my other kaki fishing friends (anglers). Well guess what? We caught a lot of fish from this little secrets learned from the guy.We are truly appreciated for his kindness of sharing his fishing secrets. The moral of the story here is, if in your life or career there's so many competitions and everybody is doing the same thing-there would be no progress or little result. Try think out of the box and be indifference. That's what happen to my internet business. The competitions is so great and i'm frequently have to force myself to think out of the box in order make sales. Even till now while i'm away for fishing the sales are still coming in. That's the good thing about internet business. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Another thing that i want to tell you about this fishing trip is about the bonding of father and son relationship. Nowadays many parents are too busy with their work till they have neglected their duty as parents. The children will do their own things while parents have other priority to attends to. Fishing is one of the way to bring them together and enjoy the happiness in the father and son relationship. One of my friend brought along his father which is already 78 years old. He told me on his younger days, his father always brought him along for fishing. The bonding is so great and now is the time for the son to perform his duty in taking care of his father by bringing him to go fishing. Currently i'm doing a joint ventured with a friend selling a video product which going to be launched soon. I will let you know about the launching date. Below are the photos taken during the kelong fishing trip:
Kelong 1, Kelong 2,-Father and Son

Kelong 3-Barbeque at kelong
Kelong 4-A big catch
Kelong 5-Lunch time
Kelong 6-Our catch
Kelong 7-A Kelong
Kelong 8-Group photo

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kelong Fishing Getaway

Currently I'm still conducting two more students for the basic electronic course. One of them already took all my courses on April and May this year and he is now recommending his partner to attend the course. I allowed him into the course because he wants to accompany his partner. Tomorrow is the last day of the course and after that I will be going to my in-laws house with my family which is in Muar Johor. I will be meeting my kaki fishing friends at ayer hitam toll in the morning and will have breakfast in Kluang before proceeding to Tanjung Leman and take a boat to Kelong.
Time past so fast and it's been a year since I went there. I really like kelong because of the fresh air and sea breeze and also the seafood! Imagine you can fish there all day long and no pressure from work. I will be there for three days and two nights. Definitely my family will miss me and of course I will miss them too. When I come back they will surely hug me and I will do the same to them. Love will start all over again-how wonderful. I will show some photos to you when I reach home. God bless!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

LCD Monitor Repair Course For Next Year

I'm planning to start a Lcd monitor repair course in early of next year but because of the tight schedule of the other repair courses, i have to delay it. You have to prepare a lot of thing in order to start a new course such as notes, get lcd monitors, the schematics and etc. As to why i want to start this course is because we are getting more and more lcd monitor in for repair besides Malaysia Airport Technologies want us to have this course for their staff who had completed the Advanced Monitor Troubleshooting course. The KLIA Airport is already using Lcd Monitor to display the arrival/departure flight information. Those days they were using the made in the UK 25" dual mode tv/monitor to display the arrival/departure information. I hope by mid of next year the Lcd monitor repair course will be complete.
Well, again i had just completed the 3 courses for the MIA staff and the guy from Bintulu Sarawak. They were very happy because they have learned something new from the courses especially the guy from Bintulu where he attended the 2 courses (advanced monitor and refurbish flyback course) bought esr meter, semiconductors, monitor blur buster and technical books. He also already booked the dick smith flyback or lopt tester. I could see that he's very keen in the electronic repair and i hope one day he could achieve his ambition to become a professional electronic repairer. In this Advanced Monitor course i reveal every secrets that i know about monitor repairs. The most interesting part that he enjoyed is the circuit modification technique. He also learned how to troubleshoot monitor using an Oscilloscope. I wish all the best to him and his family. The other day i met the 19 years old guy (my former student-see previous post)and asked him how's his job. He told me currently his boss is giving him VCD players to repair. I guess his boss wants to train him from the simplest task before giving any big Tv for him to repair.
These are the photos taken during the six days course:

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