Friday, December 22, 2006

Blessed Christmas And A Happy New Year

Time flies, well we are almost reach end of the year and looking forward for 2007. Have you set your goal for next year? What is your aim or resolution for next year? Want to become a very skillful repairman? Want to take courses to upgrade yourself? Want to learn something new in your life? Or perhaps want to keep your body healthy and fit? Whatever resolution or goal you want to set for next year, make sure you do it or at least try it before you give up. It's easy to set your resolution for next year but only actions count. From my previous post, I've already mentioned that my resolution for next year is to give the best to the electronic repair world through my new website. Almost every night I dedicated my time to write couple of pages of electronic repair articles for you to enjoy in my new website. It's not a very sophisticated or beautiful website but yet the information and photos in the website will truly make you a lot easier to understand about electronics and repair. Convince yourself what are the things that you want to do for next year. Assuming that you already reached end of next year and look back at the things that you've already done-you will be glad on yourself and the satisfaction is beyond description.
Start thinking now since you have so much time in this holiday season.

Lastly I wish all of my readers a Blessed Christmas And A Happy New Year. See you next year. Bye!

This photo was taken when I and my family went to Penang for a holiday.


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