Monday, February 27, 2006

Repaired Sony TV KV-1485GE

Last week my brother in law sent me a Sony TV for repair, he's in the cctv industry. Though I rarely repair TV, the experienced that I gained from repairing monitor can be apply to repair TV. The complaint was no power, upon checking found quite a number of defective components in the power circuit. The fuse was blown into pieces, protection resistor 3.3 ohm became open circuit, resin type ceramic capacitor 222-2kv split into two, 47uf 25v electrolytic capacitor esr has increased and finally the power ic strs6307 also need to be replace. Using my flyback tester measuring the primary winding of the power transformer found to have more than 5 bars which mean the winding is good and there is no secondary diode shorted at the secondary side of the power supply. Optoisolator checked to be ok together with other components. Replacing the defective parts above solve the no power symptom. From the outlook of the components that got burnt, it seems that it had been hit by a high surge.
When I call him saying that his TV already repaired, he added that he got another 29" goldstar TV for me to repair. The complaint is picture comes out only after couple of minutes. I suspect it could be the tube or the heater circuit. I will let you know how is the outcome when the TV is repaired. Well it seems that I'm now into TV repairing!


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